The Covanent Phantom is the dropship/gunship of the Covanent. It's actual type is the Type-52 Troop Carrier. The Phantom is seen in every Halo war.

Weapon Systems/EquipmentEdit

The Phantom has three turrets; one mounted under the chin, and the other two off the side doors. The picture taken above was made in a program called Lego Digital Designer 4 (LDD). The actual Phantom features opening side doors, usually separated into three pieces in which two drop lower than the 90 degree one with the turret. This model Phantom features this as well, and also has a gravity lift hole in the Troop Bay just like in the games. It is mostly based off the Phantom design from Halo 3 (not out yet). There is a seat in the cockpit and it can fit a minifigure.