Master Chief Halo 3 001-tile

Customized figure by: ZiZi

This custom figure of Master Chief (John-117) in his Mk.VI MJOLNIR armor variant was made by the customizer ZiZi.
For more info on the character see Master Chief.

General InformationEdit

This figure is a modification of the standard Mk.IV armored SPARTAN-II. The modifications are as follows:

  • Re-sculpted head made from the halo wars spartan cap and the Base flame marine head with additional details made from Plasticard bits and epoxy putty.
  • Magnet attached to his back and metal nail inserted into his Assault rifle for magnetic mounting of weapon when not in-use.
  • Slightly re-sculpted chest (pectoral armor) to mimic the look of the Mk. VI armor.
  • ZiZi has made an extra Mk. IV body to swap out the arms and legs.
  • It has swappable armor variants and is accompanied by a display base modeled after a Statue of Master Chief
  • This custom is primed and painted
    using modelling acrylics (GSI Creos, Tamiya, and Citadel)and clear-coated with Pledge Wipe and Shine acrylic floor sealant.

Master Chief Halo 3 005-vert

swappable armor variants

Chief's base final

Master Chief with display base.

Cheef base 1 001-tile

version 1 of the base