The Laser Pistol is a okay covenant weapon. It acts like a laser pistol, and it fires lasers, and Elite Pilots usually get to carry it. It is red, and it doesn't look exactly like a beam rifle but it does less damage. It is non useful weapon for the covenant. If it is so a Elite Pilot it will be easy or hard to kill depending on how many men are beside him.

Other FactsEdit

  • The Laser Rifle is only seen being held by Elite Pilots or grunts.
  • The Laser Rifle is the exact same thing as the beam rifle except red.
  • The Laser Rifle is Halowarrior47's first weapon.

How I made itEdit

1. I got an Elite Pilot.

2. I got a Beam Rifle.

3. I painted the Beam Rifle red.

4. I put the red Beam Rifle in the Elite Pilot's hand.

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