Emile 001-tile

This custom figure of Noble Team member Emile-A329 was made by the customizer ZiZi. For more information on the character, see Emile-A329.

General InformationEdit

This figure began as a red UNSC Marine figure with heavy modifications to its outward appearance.

  • the head is re-sculpted into an EVA [C] style helmet and features Emile's iconic skull carving on the visor, created with epoxy putty for a 3D effect.
  • the body features a 5mm circular magnet bead embedded in the back (obscured by a styrene plate) for the magnetic weapon mounting effect last used on Master Chief, though this magnet is substantially weaker than the one used with Master Chief.
  • the torso is modded with plasticard and styrene tubing for the grenades seen on his chest and waist, and his right shoulder pauldron.
  • additional re-sculpted parts include his right forearm (with shotgun ammo holder), left pauldron (operator shoulder), tactical/SOFT CASE on his left thigh.
  • this figure also includes...
    • a kukri that can be removed from the shoulder and held.
    • a new M45 tactical shotgun made from parts of the M90 CAWS, cintraboard, styrene, and plastic tube.
    • a metal nail embedded into the shotgun so it can be magnetically attached to the back when not in use.
  • a diorama base was also made for this piece which depicts Emile blowing the arm off an elite using his shotgun. this diorama was made with cintraboard, a 4x2 block, a 1x1 plank and plasticard. the elite was made with a regular elite, acetate, and hot glue with purple ink for the splattered blood effect.
  • this custom and it's display base is primed and painted using modelling acrylics (GSI Creos, Tamiya, and Citadel) and clear-coated with Pledge Wipe and Shine acrylic floor sealant.